Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Department Store Portraits

These were done at exactly 5 weeks old. She was fussy in her dress but happy during the naked shots. Can you tell? :) In some of the photos you can tell from her wet lip/chin and pursed lips that she was sucking on her pacifier and I had just pulled it out one second before the picture was taken!

In this one she was wiggling and "crawling" on the velvet backdrop:
Is anyone else disturbed by the beheaded baby trapped in the ornament? I am:

Again, isn't it child abuse to trap a baby in a snow globe?

This would be cute except that I can tell she'd been crying in the picture on the right and they want to charge $24.99 for a print of this:

I love this one, except, again, that the two righthand pictures are of unhappy Evie:

Wait, where's my paci? --

Love this one, but they want to charge $29.99 for it:

Again with the unhappiness:

Oh how I wish I'd had black patent leather Mary Janes on her for this one. (slap forehead):

I think we're going to have to fork over the $$$ to make this our Christmas card:

I got this one as my free 8x10:

I also ordered some prints of this one:


  1. Oh, geez! You scared the crimany out of me, when I first scrolled down and thought the beheaded baby ornament WAS your christmas card! The Santa-card one is a much better choice!

    I LOOOOOVE the polka-dot dress!!! Priceless!

  2. Cute cute dress! And it's hard to get photos of babies...they did a great job! (Although the beheaded baby is a little creepy...)

  3. I LOOOOOOVE the black and white collage/trio of the bare baby Evie! That one is priceless.
    These look a good bit like the ones I've had done at Targ@t. If so, I got an email a few days ago with 50% discounts off of packages and special portraits if you'd like to try to use it for any of the pics you want to order. (Again, assuming these were done at Targ@t...the email let's you pull up coupons and/or codes depending on how you order.)

  4. +t, thanks for the offer of the coupon, but it wasn't T@rget, it was P*enney*s :)

  5. I think he pics are adorable!!!


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