Thursday, July 3, 2008


Me...lack of (maybe 10 minutes total?)
J...about 4.5 hours
M and T...about 3 hours and counting

I got a call from T at home around 3:40 as I was trying to sleep to say that M's contractions were getting more intense and closer together and they were going to do an epidural. J decided to stay home and sleep until I called him if it got close to "time." I got to the hospital about 3:55 just in time to see M get her epidural (rather disturbing to watch I have to say) and find out that her water broke right after she got it. The nurse checked her at 4:30 and she was about 5 cm dilated and feeling sleepy from her meds, so the nurse turned out the light for her to sleep and I went to the waiting room and finished reading my book (His Dark Materials), ate Cheez-Its and drank cappucino from the coffee machine and watched the sun rise. J just joined me and brought the laptop with him.

Despite the lack of activity in the past few hours, I'm expecting that once M wakes up things will start happening again and Clio will be here today. If she holds out until tomorrow, we can tell her every year that the fireworks are just for her birthday. :)


  1. YAY!!!!! I'm SO excited for you guys!!!!

    AND....not only will Clio be in good company with those other famous people if she's born today, but she'll also be in company with my little niece who was born this moring at 9:30am! She was 9 pounds 9 ounces---jumbo baby! July 3rd must be a great day to be born!

    Thinking of you, and M. and can't wait to get some more updates!


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