Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Paint and a Bad Omen

First, the good news! Mollie has been here and left behind some very cute things:

Here is her sketch of Eeyore on the wall immediately inside the nursery, ready to be painted tomorrow (or sometime)...

Here is the "first layer" of Piglet...Mollie will come back and add detail tomorrow...or...whenever. See the grass on the bottom? I painted that! :)
This may be hard to see, but this is Owl's tree painted, with a stack of books that now looks like one floating red book, but if you look closely you can see the others sketched. Owl is also sketched and ready to be painted...eventually.
I'm so excited that this is actually happening!...slowly.

Now for the bad...I finished up at my school today, turning in my final grades. As I walked out of my building for the last time, taking my keys across the quad to turn into the school receptionist, three huge crows took flight away from me, across the quad, and all landed on a branch in a tree near the building I was walking toward. The effect of them taking flight just as I exited my building, and there being three of them, and them flying away from me so dramatically, left me breathless and worried. I immediately felt it was a bad omen of something. I've never seen crows in the quad before, let alone three of them! What does this mean? I asked a couple of people in the other building and one mentioned that there is birdseed in the quad. I can only imagine this means there was a wedding there on Saturday. But, still, I'm pensive. At least they weren't ravens. :)


  1. The nursery is looking Wonderful!!! Mollie is doing such a great job! Hopefully since school is out, she'll have lots of time to kick out the designs.

    As for the crows, WELL----I say invent your own symbolism. I have decided that crows mean, "Congratulation, K, on finishing out a rewarding, hard-won time at your school." They were celebrating with you---flying out into the quad as you fly out of the school and on into your life's new chapters. Bon Voyage!

  2. Chill... Crows are very intelligent animals and according to lore, they are thought to be psychic and have a connection to the spiritual realm. They are also highly social birds, which is why they were congregating.

    I think they were wishing you well, and the three birds were a spiritual symbol of you, Josh, and Clio becoming a threesome... :-)


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