Saturday, May 24, 2008

A Name

I have removed the poll that has been on the left-hand side of the blog for the past couple of months because I *think* we have decided on a name. At least, we are 95% sure and will have to wait until she's born to be 100% that it fits:

Lucy Beatrix

Lucy means "light," Beatrix means "bringer of joy" and we like how they flow together.

Please, if you don't like it, keep your opinion to yourself, even if your opinion is singing drinking songs in your head (Jen!). :)

In the end, these names just ended up our favorites after many dinnertime conversations about naming Clio. I guess it's a little silly that we didn't end up using any of the names that were in the poll, but here is why:

Olivia and Isabella were eliminated for being too popular (Lucy is around #87 on the top 100 list, as opposed to Olivia and Isabella in the top 10).

Sophie was eliminated because the birthparents (M and T) both hate it and even though we aren't letting them name her, we also don't want them to hate her name! They are just OK with Lucy, but that's good enough for me.

Anna/Ana/Anastasia was eliminated because of pronunciation controversy and because the overall sound of the name Anna, combined with our extremely common last name, is a little too bland and underwhelming. The pronunciation Ana combined with our last name clashes a bit.

And finally, after having many people encourage me to name her Clio, we decided against it as a given name. First, we have noticed that when we tell people the name they automatically assume it is spelled Cleo, and so she would have to go around spelling her name...forever. That would drive me crazy. Second, the advertising industry's awards ceremony is called the "Clios." Yuck.

Right now we are in a transition period, calling her Clio and Lucy about equally, but I'm planning to keep Clio as a term of endearment for her.


  1. Beautiful, Beautiful choice! It sounds perfectly lovely.

  2. I love Beatrix!!!!

    Lucy is great, too.

    You need a nice, unique name with your last name, in my opinion. And you've succeeded.

    Since I work with three- to eight-year-olds, I meet a lot of Isabels, Sophies, and An[n]as. All three are wonderful names, but they are also very trendy right now.


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