Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Evie's Friends

This morning I woke to hear Evie (via the monitor) singing to herself. I walked in to find her surrounded by an audience of her friends, who were not in bed with her the night before!


  1. look at her with her own little fan club - love it!

  2. I absolutely LOVE it!


  3. Well, they clearly enjoyed the show!

    (I'm still amazed that she's in a toddler bed! How do you make sure she stays IN? What keeps her from wandering around in the night? This is all such a big scary mystery to me right now.)

  4. +Deanna: She doesn't always stay in, and she's been sleeping on the couch some lately. :) In the end, it's being tired that keeps her from wandering around at night, plus the darkness so she can't see to play.


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