Tuesday, May 25, 2010

20 Months Old

Our Evie is 20 months old! Since I shared all of our best 20th month pictures in previous posts, Here are some from this past weekend with Nana and Papa in Minnesota (early 21st month technically). We traveled there to attend J's grandpa's memorial service and while it was a very sad excuse to see family, we had a great time. Pictures and captions here, and a more wordy update at the bottom in case you want to skip it. :)

With Nana:
Tunnels of fun at the local park:
Sliding machine:
Thrilled by the stiff Minnesota breeze:
Learning to enjoy dandelions:
Feeding Mama mac and cheese:
Walking Pika, her Aunt C and Uncle M's dog (contrary to her expression, she loved this):
I love her expression here, so serious:

But she loves to swing as well:
Getting dirty in Nana and Papa's back yard:

Vital stats at 20 months: 25 pounds (same as last month?!), some number of inches tall that could hypothetically be measured if she would stand still, and cute as a button. 18-24 month clothes, size 5.5 and 6 shoe, size 16 attitude. :)

Favorite thing about this month: "Cuddle?"

We get this request often these days. Sometimes it is attention-seeking, as in
Me: (washing dishes)
Evie: "Mama, Mama, MOMMY!!!"
Me: "Huh? Wha?"
Evie: "Cuddle?"
Me: (drying my hands) "OK" (cuddles and kisses for all)

and sometimes it is just pure sweetness, as in
Me: (sleeping)
Evie: (in bed with us, sleepily): "cuddle?"
Me: "huh? wha? ok." (cuddle)
Evie: "more cuddle?"
Me: (melting)

Least favorite thing about this month: Little Miss Oppositional Defiant
Me: "would you like some banana?"
Evie "NO!"
Me: "how about cheese?"
Evie "NOOOO!"
Me: "guacamole?"
Evie: "NOOOO! Snack?"
Me: "it's not snack time, it's lunch time."
Evie: "Snack!"
Me: "is it time for your nap?"
Evie: "NOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!" (falling onto the floor in anguish)

Favorite quotes from this month:
"I love Mama"
"no no pick nose!" (with her finger up her nose)
"Pika all done" (the dog had finished eating
And she has started referring to herself as "I" which is not as advanced as it seems, it is just her version of "Evie." But she points to herself and says "I chair" meaning Evie's chair or "I walk" as in "I want to go on the walk." It is adorable.

Newest skills:
*climbing ladders
*coloring with markers and pens (rather than just eating them)
*drinking from a narrow-mouthed bottle like a water bottle
*saying "one, two, three"
*pointing at words on a page and saying "eh, eh, eh" (knowing they represent sounds/words!!!)
* myna birding almost anything she hears, with the exception of the consonants "L" and "R" which are still beyond her
*extended pretend games: last night she put her doll in its bed, then made a crying noise, took the doll out again and cuddled it...I'm glad she's not letting her baby CIO yet :)

Worst new habit: putting her hands into the back of her diaper when she poops (ick!)
Best new habit: learning to re-shelve her books

What we are looking forward to this month:
*our annual open adoption picnic with our agency; we expect R and G to both attend this year!
*Evie will start a toddler gymnastics class, which we know she will love
*our community center's outdoor pool and toddler water play area opening on Memorial Day

I'll try to shoot some videos and post them soon.


  1. SO cute! I love her curls! She is sure thinning out and growing tall tall tall!

  2. Love it, especially the part about her saying cuddle. HOW ADORABLE! She is incredibly cute, her hair's getting really blond! Love the update, Happy 20 months, Evie B.!


  3. I love keeping up with little Evie's growth. She seems like such a fun, fun girl!!! And you seem to be enjoying motherhood thoroughly!

  4. I love her walking the dog---one that's just her size! (Poor Snippet can only wander around the house with empty leashes! Can we borrow Pica???)

  5. She is so adorable, and getting way too grown up :)

  6. This is a very nice documentation of your daughter's life. I hope some day she reads it and realises how much love there is in it. Hope she always has cuddles throughout her life.


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