Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Wordless Wednesday plus words

(not related to the picture, so the picture still counts as wordless, right?)

So, I am not ready for this new development, but that doesn't matter...I'm just along for the ride! "They" say that girls potty train earlier than boys and that kids in cloth diapers potty train before kids in disposables. OK. But nobody prepared me for the possibility that Evie would initiate potty training at almost 15 months old and that I would be shopping for a training toilet seat this afternoon. Here's the timeline:

10 months: she starts showing interest in the toilet, so I buy her a potty to sit on while I'm on mine

13 months: she starts getting very agitated and defiant about diaper changes, and begins to fight back at the aggressor (me) by pinching my arm as I change her

14 months: I start changing her on the floor so that I can stay out of pinching range a little better

14.5 months: I decide that as long as I'm changing her on the floor, why not put her potty next to me and let her sit on it with a naked bottom before I put on the new diaper?

yesterday: she peed in her potty 3 times in a row (stayed completely dry between times) and shocked her Mama who was not prepared for this development. Once, yes, great, but 3 times in a row?

today: she seemed to have regressed and cried when I tried to put her on the potty this morning, but then made her desire clear by running half naked in to the bathroom and running up to the toilet. I held her under the arms while she peed there, and then again after her nap. Plus, she stayed completely dry during her nap! 2.5 hours! So, after her nap we went shopping for a comfy padded training seat with handles. She loves it, and peed on it 3 times before bed.

I fell totally unprepared for this...I haven't read ANY books about it yet! :) Maybe it's a phase and she'll go back to diapers in a few days and train when she's 2 like many kids do. But maybe not. My mom's advice was to go with it, follow her lead and do whatever I can to help her along. Next goals are to teach her a sign to tell me she needs to go, and try to catch poop on the potty as well. Won't that be nice!


  1. I've potty trained several of my nanny charges. They will regress. Take a break. You don't want it to be a stressful thing for them. No worries, they'll catch on when the time is right! (I know, it makes you want to rip your hair out, huh??)

  2. Love her little pig tails, so cute! Elizabeth is heavily into potty training now, too:)

  3. :) we've been casually ECing since Ariana was about 4 months old. I haven't changed- or better yet sprayed or washed a poopy diaper in months. Peeing is hit or miss because she doesn't want to sit still long enough to feel the urge to go. Do you use the sign potty with Evie? That helped us a lot. Ariana signs potty, grunts then tugs at her diaper and runs to the bathroom when she has to poo. What an exciting development! Evie is such a smart girl!

  4. ohh! Big step! Yes, they can potty train this early. Just go with it and enjoy the ride. :)

  5. whoa ... i bet you do feel unprepared at this point!

    i'd have to agree that your instincts are correct to just go with the flow (ha!) and follow evie's lead.

  6. +Chappell3: I just started signing "potty" with the ASL for "toilet" right when this all started, but it's a new sign for Evie so she hasn't caught on yet. I do the shaking "t" do you do "p p"? I've seen both but the "t" seems easier for Evie to imitate, since she can start out just doing it with her fist.

  7. How amazing! Bravo, Evie!

    We bought a potty chair for Snippet and he seems very intrigued by it. No action in it yet, but he definitely knows the word, "potty" and is content when placed upon it. We just kind of introduced it into his landscape in hopes that his curiosity might get him interested.


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