Friday, June 19, 2009

Another teaser...9 month portraits

(ETA: please note that Evie's orange nose in some of these pictures is a testament to her pure, deep and abiding love for all things beta carotene.)

Happy 9 months Evie Bea! Her official 9 month post will be late, like last month's. But I have portraits to show off today. (For the record, she's 20 pounds on the bathroom scale today. Her 9 month doctor visit isn't until the 29th of the month.)

We hadn't been to a professional (actually semi-professional, J*C*P*enney) portrait studio since Evie was 4.5 months old! So I decided to take her today for 9 month portraits and I'm glad I did. Turns out that Evie will actually hold still for pictures when she's intimidated by novel surroundings, whereas at home she's constantly on the move, especially when I'm down at her level holding a really cool electronic gadget with buttons and lights.

Here is a cool composite pic from the shoot, which they would have charged me $$ for if I had been silly enough to order it: We did 3 outfit changes. I'm putting them in reverse order in this post, for no particular reason. First "outfit" is Evie's birthday diaper. I'm happy I decided to let the photographer do the birthday diaper shoot this month because this is a great shot! Much better than I did last month.

Click HERE to see her in this birthday diaper on previous month birthdays.
(As I'm typing this we haven't yet done her interview, but I'll do it later and post it soon)
I brought Pearl along as a prop, and we caught Evie making out with her, as she always does:

The photographer was animating Pearl here:

Top tooth/teeth coming in = fingers in mouth a lot:

I love this! I wish it weren't so $$ to buy the enhanced pics:

The above pic and the 2 below are in a dress that used to belong to R, Evie's birthmother. It is so cute! It appears to be handmade, but R didn't tell me any details about its origin. It must be special, however, since R made a point of giving it to us (along with a few other items) when we had lunch with her and G in January. Next time we see her, I'll ask about it.
The source shot for the above:
This rocking horse plays "Yankee Doodle" and also belonged to R when she was a baby. Evie has been terrified of it and cried whenever she saw it, for months. But she did great with it today! (I think the reason she was terrified at first is that the horse's head traces slow circles in the air as it winds down; it is a little creepy.)

This third outfit is a gift from my mom:

I chose this one for my free 8x10:

But this was a runner-up:

Altogether a great photo shoot! Next time, though, I need to remember to give her a bath and brush her hair beforehand so that she doesn't have bedhead. It's so cute that her hair is long enough now to have that problem.


  1. These are absolutely adorable! And I just love that you incorporated the birth mom in here. How special.

  2. Absolutely scrumptious! I believe they price them so high because they know parents can't resist them. I know I bought a few more than I should've because they all seemed so precious, and I just couldn't stand the thought of them being trashed.

    Her hair is getting long! It's so pretty and silky!

  3. Sooo sweet!!! She is absolutely adorable:)

  4. Gorgeous pictures. Blue is definitely her color!

  5. Okay, I'm holding Baby Ty a little closer now...It seems like yesterday you were just bringing her home...When did she grow up so much??? :)

  6. Hi Karen,
    The photos are ADORABLE! My fave by far is the close up of Evie's face with her finger in her mouth. Simply precious.

  7. Bedhead or not...I'd love to have the shine her hair has!

    She is such a cutie. Cheeks for weeks as they say!

  8. She looks stunning in that blue dress! Go, Karen's mom!

  9. You are killing me! I want to hold her and squeeze her!!! She is SO adorable!!! You guys should be very proud. She is a gem!!!

  10. I'm wondering if she could get any cuter?!!!! How precious those pics are!!!

  11. Love the pics, Karen. Remind me again, when were you going to be headed our way. We would love to see you guys.

  12. My Aiden was the same way about all things orange and totally sported an orange nose. :-) Livi is too but hasn't gotten the orange nose yet.

    The pictures are absolutely adorable! Love!


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