Friday, March 20, 2009

Six Months Old!

Evie is six months old today! Just for fun, some "reject" pics from previous birthday diaper photo shoots. One month old: Two months old:

Three months old:
Four months old:

Five months old:
The best shot from yesterday's 6 month shoot:

Today was a big day; Evie learned that not all food is white! I planned to feed her sweet potatoes for her first solid food (besides rice cereal), but in the end we didn't plan well enough to have the potato baked and ready for her when she was hungry (I didn't feel good about microwaving it for this special occasion). So I mushed up some ripe avocado instead. Her reaction was...mixed:Since she seemed uncertain about the taste and texture of the avocado on a spoon, I put a few dollops onto her tray so that she could explore it on her own terms. She was puzzled at first...Then intrigued when I added a spoon to the scenario... And ended up making a beautiful mess of it all:

We'll try some more avocado tomorrow and see if she eats a bit more of it.
We finished the evening with a bath in her new ducky tub (look at the big girl sitting up!)...

...and a new story about bunnies searching for Easter eggs that Grandma brought with her from Texas.


  1. I love love love the best of the 6 month shots! Great job! I can't stand avocado or sweet potato and I've never heard of giving babies avocado. However, that might just be my location! She looks like she's having fun with it.

  2. It's hard to believe she's six months old already, but how precious!! I love the spoon shot, what a beautiful mess she made!


  3. Aw! She's seriously the cutest. I love her 6 month pic...her expression is priceless. That ducky tub is cute...I've seen it on a few other blog. Maybe I should check it out too! :)

  4. I just love her rosy cheeks!

  5. Great pictures! She's absolutely beautiful!

  6. Happy 6 month birthday! She is adorable!

  7. the baby is adorable! why DO babies try to eat their feet? :) endo is terrible, the docs at the CEC in atlanta are so are some resources for anyone who might need help, it is out there

  8. ps March is Endo Awareness month

  9. ps again, a lot of women with endo have problems like allergies and bronchitis etc....progesterone helped me....having my hormones tested helped...

    oh, and allergy shots helped too...and working on candida

  10. simply amazing to see how fast they grow! before you know it, she'll be on her way to mine. thanks for posting those adorable photos. they make me smile all the time.

  11. I love the picture of Evie and your mom. So sweet. =)

    She seems to be having a great time with her green spoon!!

    Final verdict on ducky tub---recommend to a friend or no?

  12. Great pictures! And we have that ducky tub too. For Deanna, I honestly liked it for about a month with Butterfly. Then she got to wanting to explore more and the big tub was just fine. With my boys, I skipped it all together and we went right for the big tub when they could sit up themselves. Still, it's not bad.

    And my boys LOVE avocado (as you saw at the pizza place) but they were not fans of it until they were a little older. Have you seen the website: Check it out, it has some good ideas.


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