Monday, March 30, 2009

And the winner is...

Brooke! Congrats, Brooke, I'll leave a comment on your blog so we can get in touch for shipping info...

Here are the answers:

1. 16 lbs. and 15 oz. (whoops, for about 8 hours this was up saying 17 lbs. and 15 oz., sorry, I was tired)

2. purple

3. twice

Deanna would have won (except that she didn't enter) since she was so close with the weight and was the only one who got purple right. Maybe it's good she didn't enter, though, since she saw Evie in person recently and might have had an edge there. :)

So I chose 4 finalists:

Miss X for getting #3 right

Brooke for being closest on #1

Melba for #3

GiraffeMSW for #3

It's late, so instead of calling my mom I used this website and it spit back "2," which is Brooke.

Thanks for entering everyone! This was fun; I'll try to do it again sometime.

Evie stuff:
  • Evie is now about 70th percentile for weight and about 60th for height (26.25 inches) so she's moving around on the growth charts a tiny bit. I suppose this isn't unusual. Our recent punchline is that her weight may be 70th percentile but her cheeks are in the 99th percentile. The most common comment I get these days when we are out and about is that she's "healthy" and "you must be starving her!" Ha ha ha. :)

  • She loves everything so far: avocado, sweet potato and apples. She had green beans tonight and had a huge visceral reaction to the first bite (gah, Mama, what the heck?!) but then gobbled them all down. Good girl!

  • We had dinner with G tonight and despite all of our best efforts to get Evie into a good mood (timed safely before bedtime, toys, applesauce, sippy cup of water, bottle, nap beforehand, paci, teether...) she decided to be Grumpy McGrumpster. I think it's the fastest restaurant dinner we've ever eaten because she fussed through the whole thing. G was very happy to see her, though. She seemed frightened of his goatee...maybe J should grow one so she'll get over it? I love J in a goatee, but he usually grows one in the winter, not in the spring.

  • Evie might start crawling soon? I'm not sure about this since I'm a first-time mom and don't know exactly what signs to look for, but she is amazingly mobile when she's in her crib. We're really not sure how she does it, as we haven't managed to catch her in action on the video monitor yet, but she has started pretty much moving freely around in there and we never know how we'll find her when we get her in the morning or after naps. Direction, location and position are seemingly random. Can someone please tell me why babies like to scoot over to the edge of the crib and press their noses into the bumper pad while they sleep? I remember Jen's son Eric did this,too. Anyhow, she's starting to lunge for things from a sitting position, and "they" say that is a first step toward crawling. She's mobile enough that I took the bassinet out of her Pack*N*Play and now it really seems like jail when I put her in there because of the netting. She seems to love it, though, and plays happily when I need to switch out laundry loads or run out to the mailbox.

  • Evie's working on her abs of steel. She's started being able to sit back up by herself if she falls backward onto her b*oppy or another bolster behind her. Sometimes if she's sitting up and starts to fall sideways she can catch herself with a hand and right herself. (Okay, this happens one in 25 times.)

  • I'm still in the weeds. I keep thinking that I have things under control and then new tasks pop up. For example, now I spend about half of my day preparing food for Evie and cleaning up afterward. She eats a couple of tablespoons of food and I have to wash (depending on the food in question): cutting board and knife, peeler, food processor parts, spatula, storage containers, bowls, spoons, sippy cups, high chair tray, floor, hands, face, bib and clothing (helpful tip: avocado stains!). I've heard moms say that this is the norm; the day revolves around preparing and cleaning up one meal after another. So, I'm getting used to it.

  • She's still spitting up, but now sometimes it is orange or green and stains her clothes and ours (unlike her spit-up pre-solids, which only stained if she was on ready-to-drink formula). Today at our dinner with G she spit up on him and I caught it on film! It is the only picture I've ever gotten that shows the spit-up in the air. I feel like I caught the rare blue-feathered canary on film or something. I'd post it, except G is in the shot and I don't put pictures of R and G on the site. I do think, however (crossing my fingers and toes and knocking on wood...) that she is spitting up a tiny bit less. We aren't going through as many bibs and burp cloths each day, which is a great sign. Hopefully the trend will continue.

  • She is absolutely beautiful. My mom thinks she has double eyelashes like Elizabeth Taylor. Her hair is growing longer and seems to be lightening into a dark blonde or light brown. Her eyes seem to be staying gray-blue, but I'm still not putting it past them to turn brown in the next couple of months.

This last picture is with her godmother at church this morning...isn't it great? She loves to laugh these days and it's my favorite sound ever.


  1. That last picture is great!
    Yes, a lot of food prep at this age. Eventually she'll be eating what you guys are eating more so it won't be as time consuming.

  2. Hey! That last pic os fantastic! Why don't you do the make and freeze trick with the food? Make a bunch at one time, freeze it into cubes in an ice cube tray, then keep the cubes in a freezer bag. Pull out one or two at a time and thaw them and keep the rest in the freezer. It will be time consuming at one time, but will save you tons of time during the week.

  3. She really is beautiful! And I know what you mean, both about babies scooting over to edge of their cribs, and about the constant prepare and clean up!

  4. Between the ages of 6-12 months, I would spend a couple hours each Sunday night making a bunch of veggies that I knew Grant would love. I used a rice cooker to steam the veggies and then my little food processor to puree them. Generally I'd steam 3 sweet potatoes (found that they need extra water to soften properly), puree them and put them either in a tupperware container or reuse the G*rb*r plastic baby food containers with lids. I also made a lot of zuchini because it was relatively bland and he liked it. Winter squashes of any sort (acorn, butternut, buttercup, etc) were all big hits and super easy too. Green beans are easy and I just used the canned, no sodium, ones.
    I took a couple hours but I would make enough for a week and keep it in the fridge and it seriously cut down on my baby food stresses. It was really nice also to know what was in the food he was eating and how fresh it was. It also let us try things that don't come in standard, commercial foods, like broccoli, asparagus, zuchini, etc.
    We supplemented with commercial foods, but used them only a few times a week.
    What a very fun time though! And with all the moving about the crib!!! Is she rocking on her tummy when doing tummy time? When she starts rocking and getting her knees up closer to her chest you will know your moments of peace are drawing to an end. ;)

  5. P.S. I don't know why my account is suddenly showing me as "GiraffeMSW"'s always shown me as "T" in the past. Sorry about that...

  6. Do you make your own food for her?

  7. She's such a good sitter! Look how great she's sitting in her pack n' play! Bravo, E!

    Hoping (really, really HOPING!) that the spit-up parade is nearly finished. Time to be done with that, huh?

    I'm planning to do the Baby Cubes frozen food routine. I just got my first pack of cubes in the mail Saturday and I'm plotting my recipes. Right now, though, I'm still just doing fresh since you can't freeze bananas and avocados. I'm thinking about putting papaya on the menu---yum!

  8. +blakeaarenmom: Hi! You read my mind...I went out and bought ice cube trays today :)

    +T: she's not rocking yet, so we're safe for now!

    +The Blonde Duck: yep, I am making most things and buying E*arth's B*est canned food for things that I don't feel like doing (for example, pears are hard to ripen properly so I'm probably not going to try to do them myself) because then I know that the freshest ingredients go into the food and that I've cooked it in a way that preserves as many vitamins and minerals as possible, etc.

    +Deanna: actually, you can freeze bananas and avocados, just put a couple of drops of lemon juice into the puree to keep them from browning!

  9. I don't know if someone already said this, sorry... but to help with food prep I think there are some great recipe books on making your own and freezing it. A friend of mine makes hers on Sundays for the whole week. Might help a bit....

    She really is beautiful! I love her smile...can't wait for mine to get here!

  10. Hey, check out It has some great ideas and recipes for baby food! It's all consuming some days!

  11. She has such a great smile! I bet her laugh is wonderful! Darn, I missed the contest...maybe next time! Congrats to the winner!

  12. Thanks for your help on my blog...
    I keep seeing "Brooke is the winner" and I get excited... too bad its the wrong Brooke LOL! You need a new "first" post so that wont be the headline I see in my dashboard thingy...
    For the record, Id have guessed purple...


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