Saturday, April 5, 2008


Today was our lunch with M and T. It went very well! We met at a local pizza place and spent about an hour and a half over spinach and artichoke dip and thin crust pizzas. We talked much more freely about our histories and our jobs and M's 13-year-old daughter. We also talked about Clio somewhat, but not predominantly. I had some prints made of Clio's ultrasound pics, as well as some pics we took with M and T at our match meeting. I gave a set of prints to both M and T, and they were very happy to receive them.

All four of us were much more relaxed than at our office meeting, and we really enjoyed talking with them and getting to know each other better. I think the next time we'll see them is when I go to M's next dr. appt., but we did make casual invitations to get together perhaps for M and I to shop for baby clothes, or for T to come over and play Rock Band on PS3 with us (he's a video game fan). I'll post about it, of course, if either of those things happen.

In other news, I called my grandmother to tell her about Clio on Monday night and she was pleased for us, but didn't ask many questions. However, she called my mother on Thursday and asked about Clio's ancestry and my mother told her that Clio is biracial. My grandmother's response was simply that she thinks "life is hard for kids like that." Hopefully, this initial reaction bodes well for the future, but J and I will still need to be on guard and make sure she doesn't start making stereotypical or racist remarks around Clio.

I'm exhausted from being on a student retreat (for seniors at my school) from Tuesday through Friday, and I have papers to grade, so that is all for now.

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  1. The lunch date sounds like it went so well, and was fun, at that! That's so great! I'm sure this just further confirmed for M & T that they were making the right choice with you & J.

    I think it's a good sign that your grandmother's first reaction was one of concern, rather than criticism. Yay for that!


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