Monday, April 12, 2010

Gardening: Before and After

With a combination of hard work (from J's dad, J and I) and mother nature, we are making progress with our yard! And Evie has enjoyed being my little (muddy) helper.

Back bed before:
Pruned and budding rose bush after:
Blooming daffodils after (God gets credit for that):
Side bushes before:
After (and I've raked more since, so they look even better now):
Corner of house before:
After! We extended our sump line to eliminate the marsh, pulled down all of the ivy, trimmed the bushes, and J's dad came for a week to help scrape, bleach and prime the house. J is in the middle of painting it, hence the blue tape:
Another view of the ivy infestation before:
And after!


  1. IT looks amazing! Lots of hard work, I'm sure. You'll have to post some pictures of the roses when they bloom.

  2. The removal of the ivy is a dramatic improvement. Looks great!


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