Thursday, March 20, 2008


In the interest of full disclosure, and because Olivia is currently winning our poll, I want to make you all aware that the meaning of the name Olivia is "elf army." I am not kidding. Yes, we like the name (otherwise we wouldn't have put it in the poll!), but our kid will then never have those little name plates or bookmarks with her name and its meaning, because it's just bizarre.

Anastasia means "resurrection"

Sophia means "wisdom"

Isabella means "God is my oath"

J wants to know why anyone ever needed a word for "elf army" in the first place? And why that would become a name?

But, we like all of the names and we enjoy seeing the results of the poll! So far Adrienne prefers Sophie/Sophia because Anastasia has pronunciation issues and the other two are too common.

This is true, Isabella is #5 and Olivia is #8 from 2007, whereas Sophie is #47 and Anastasia isn't even in the top 100. Isabel (actually, Isabelle) is #18 and Sophia is #13

Jen is convinced that Clio will be Olivia, and has started referring to her as such in e-mails, whereas my mother is referring to Clio as Ana when we talk. My head hurts! In a good way.


  1. I had to vote for Anastasia just because it's unique. :)

  2. Thanks Cat! I think in a month or so I'll replace the poll with a new one that includes Lucy and Violet, which are two names that J and I recently agreed we like as well. Just too many choices...we're going to have to wait to see what she looks like.


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